The BatCave - Part I

I love Pinterest! Why? Because of all the amazing inspiration! So here is one creation whose design was sparked by Pinterest.

The upcycled bookcase BatCave:

There are lots of beautiful examples of dolls’ houses, but I have three boys who love Batman and Lego. So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great to turn these two unused bookcases into something spectacular for Christmas. Something they will use again and again!

This post is going to be a bit of a tutorial, so you can follow along if you’ve got some Lego Batman lovers of your own. All you really need is a bookcase and some paint, but I took it rather further.

These are the bookcases I started with (I’ve already screwed them together to make them more sturdy):

Da Boys always get annoyed if there aren’t usable doorways or stairs in their Lego models, so my first job was to create some entry ways between the levels. I’ve marked out the center point of each shelf and used a pair of compasses to mark a circle of 4cm radius on the middle two shelves and one of the top shelves.

I drilled a large hole near the edge of the circle and then used my new jigsaw to cut it out. I then removed the top level so I could get to the middle and repeated the process.

I thought it would be nice to have a fireman’s pole, so I drilled half-way through the bottom shelf and top shelf to hold a length of dowling rod in place.

Put it all back together and give everything a good sand to protect little people from cuts and splinters:

Now it’s ready to paint!

I’ve used black gloss, in the hope it will be easy to wipe clean:

So now I’m sat here writing this and waiting for the paint to dry.

I will be back soon with Part II, when we will be putting in the decoration and Lego baseplates.